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Sunday, December 26, 2010

SFU Students Explain Jose Figueroa's Case in Informative and moving Mini-Documentary

A group of SFU students put together this informative and moving documentary about Jose's case. The film is about 20 minutes long, and features interviews with Jose, and his son,  and Prof. Max Cameron from UBC.  This documentary puts a human face on the impacts of the terrorism legislation that is now so broad that innocent persons are impacted. It also explains the history of the El Salvadorian civil conflict that saw about 70,000 people killed. As well it sheds light on and how the FMLN came to be mistakenly equated with 'terrorism' by ill-informed CBSA officers employing Canada's loose definition of the phenomena under the Anti-Terrorism Legislation. 
I strongly recommend that you watch it.   
Here is the link:

Also please email if you are able to volunteer to help with the effort to stop Jose and his family's deportation. We can do this! You can contact me at 

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