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Thursday, March 24, 2011

WE ARE JOSE TOUR ACROSS Canada Began March 18th

On March 18th Jose and his son left Vancouver to head to Ottawa by bus to help bring attention to his case. See tour in the news:

We Are Jose Tour Updates:
Jose and his son arrived in Toronto on March 25th. See this link for schedule of Jose's Toronto events

Ottawa: Laura Avalos, Asociación Salvadoreña
Canadiense de Ottawa – 819 319 0904
Toronto: Sofia Ramirez, Barrio Nuevo – 416 433 9069
Vancouver: Sasha Wood – 604 540 2126

Also see link for more info: 
OR read below:

WE ARE JOSE TOUR ACROSS Canda to help bring attention to the mistaken government policy which has led to the wrongful deportation order against Jose.
The situation is especially urgent because many other immigrants are at risk, and because Jose and his wife do not have any status, they have no health care coverage, Jose cannot visit his family or leave the country, and threat of pending deportation is extremely stressful. This limbo has been going on for 13 years and info received from the Ministry of Public Safety states that it will be another 7-9 years for a decision on whether the government will allow him to stay! That is too long to wait especially given that the majority of exemption requests are denied!

The Canadian government issued a deportation order against Jose this past May, claming that his past membership with his student group in college working to speak out against a violent government that used death squads against it's people made him a security risk. This government decision shows a serious problem with the immigration law in Canada -that currently any person who participated in a movement against a government by law are inadmissable to Canada. Such a law is unjust when applied to many situations including Jose's because he was part of a legal and legitimate opposition to a violent government, that used death squads against it's own people. Jose committed no crime and stood up for democratic ideals of justice by opposing the oppressive regime. According to the current law, Jose's lawyer tells us that, Nelson Mandela would be found inadmissable. It is a travesty of justice that someone like Jose who had the courage to stand up to a violent repressive regime would be asked to leave Canada for doing the right thing.

As people and experts all across Canada have written to the government on Jose's behalf due to that the current immigration law is flawed because it allows for innocent persons such as Jose to  be wrongly deported when he had done nothing wrong. Jose told the government of Canada of his association to the opposition, that is why he was allowed in Canada to apply for refugee status. Then after 13 years they decide he must go because of the same reasons they allowed him in. It makes no sense.

The We are Jose campaign is working to bring attention to this mistaken government policy with the hopes of helping not only Jose but also all immigrants at risk because of this policy. Our goal is for Jose to recieve a speedy exemption, permant resident status, and that no other family will have to go thru the stress the Jose and his family are going thru. Organizations such as the Canadian Counsel for Refugees explain that this issue regarding the law in Canada is impacting other groups not only Salvadorans. We need to unite in solidarity to help stop this injustice to refugees. People like Jose I want to be in Canada!

You can help get Jose and his son to Ottawa to meet the PM and bring media attention to the cause. Help needed includes sponsers for the trip. Please send donations for the Figueroa family to, Walnut Grove Luthern Church C/O Jose Figueroa 20530 88 Ave Langley, BC V1M 2Y6. Donations are needed of groceries, money for the trip to Ottawa, plane ticket from Ottawa for Jose's son. Jose and his son began their trip on March 18th to Ottawa where they will meet with supporters and work to bring attention to their plight and request a reversal of the deportation again Jose.

Please help Jose, it is a campaign not only for one immigrant but all immigrants.  For more info  
Also see this amazing short mini documentary about Jose's case.

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