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Monday, December 12, 2011

Jose Figueroa speaks at the prestigious TED x talk in Vancouver/ and one simple thing you can do right now to help stop Jose's deportation

Jose with his wife, his oldest son and  Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire, a Canadian senator, humanitarian, backstage at TEDx Vancouver 2011
Click 'LIKE' on the new Facebook page to help stop Jose and his family from being deported. 
My friend Jose Figueroa  has unjustly received a deportation order from Canada. Watch his TED Talk at TEDx Vancouver - and please click over to "Like" the We Are Jose Community Page to support him, as I have, and as Jammie Moffet, director of the movie, Return to El Salvador, and Christopher Bennet, the Communications Director for Best Buy Canada, and the new Executive Director of the WE ARE JOSE campaign has! Link to Jose's TED talk  
[Not:  If you have clicked on a previous WE ARE JOSE FB page we ask if you could just take one second and click on this new page as we will be closing down our older sites and just using the one offical site]
How does clicking 'Like' on FaceBook and watching the TED talk help Jose and his family?  Now days social media is an important tool to help provide credibility to the media and politicians that a 'cause' is of concern to many persons across the country. When a facebook page has a large number of 'likes' and when a video link has a huge number of viewers this gets peoples attention, ie, journalists and politicians. Each time you click 'like' that is building a stronger campaign for Jose and his family and sending a louder message for them to Ottawa.  This helps so that the persons in power to do something to help are able to find out about this situation and problem with the immigration policy. As you can imagine, the politicians have many issues that are brought to their attention every day and so we need a way to have this issue get their attention and this facebook page is one way we can help do that together.  
Jose and his family have been suffering under the weight of this mistake and need this to be fixed and resolved quickly so they can get on with their lives in peace.  It has already been over 18 monthes and the stress of the deportation order is taking a toll on the family. The fear of losing this country and community of Langley BC where all their friends and support and connections are is devastating for Jose and his wife and his children, they love Canada and want to stay in their home. We can help. So don't forget to click 'like' and watch the short 17 minute video Ted talk also so we can very soon provide evidence to Ottawa that this issue is of serious concern.
Also the reality is that this issue impacting Jose, has the potential to impact many other Salvadorans and so as we help spread the word by clicking 'like' on the new official We Are Jose community FB page and also when we pass on the links and information to our friends and family we build more awareness of this issue to help prevent this injustice from happening to any other persons.
I have faith that once the people in power hear about Jose's case, and this issue they will want to stop it. But we need to show that there is alot of support from the community to help the politicians understand that this is an important issue.  
Let us know on the FB page if you have any questions or email us @ 
Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!!!
Sasha Wood, volunteer member of the We Are Jose campaign 

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